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The Anchor Line

Patrick's new band is really fucking good i have had this one song "One word a day" on loop for a couple of weeks now i catch myself singing it under my breathe when im out with my friends. i wish i was in that band i love that shit. but enough about that life is good im having fun, working, although i want a fulltime job. so yea im looking for fulltime so if u know anywhere hook it up. TBP is recording at zing for those of you who didnt hear yet, and we are all really excited about it. tour is cancelled. me and ashli just had our 9 month on the 11th and it was nice, we just went to some asian buffet with ben and katrina we have all been hanging out alot. i like it they are really awesome, never any drama just good times and good friends. they are by far my favorite ppl right now besides TBP jay, wookie, and todd resche.
i went to clairs party lastnight her and manic mark and some biddy have a house in New haven now its fucking tight, and it was also cool to see a bunch of old friends that i hadnt seen since i moved to Waterbury. anyways its time to go make pizza with the Alberts. buhbye<3
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