Johnny (lll000000lll) wrote,

This weekend...

Its been awhile since i wrote in here so i'm just gonna give everyone a qick rundown.
The Breathing Process has had a new website up for alittle while now Nick robinson did it it looks great and we have 3 Videos of us from this awesome Manic productions show with us and dead to fall and The End. if u want to go check them out please do, just go to and click on audio, then right click and "save target as".

i need a real job so effin bad, im living here in waterbury and i need real work, someone help!!!. if i dont start making money soon i'm gonna become a hobo.

oh yea i'm starting up a new band with Timmy the old bassist of invocation and todd from auletta, and my friend paul from... from.... from white car and its gonna be a 3 inches of blood type band like total wizzard/epic/D&D type metal band. so i'll post mp3s up as soon as they are recored. but be on the look out.

we have a show this weekend at the madison arts barn with ION and shroud of turin. be there
ok papapapeace.
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February 10 2005, 14:43:24 UTC 13 years ago

i don't like that we're not really friends anymore. it might just be a blessing because it's made me think about you like all the time. and i built this shrine in my room that has your hair and pictures and i also have some of your buttsweat in a jar. obviously candles stay lit all the time. but seriously. you should call me every once in a while or something. because you know my number by heart and that means you should use it. there was a time when you and i were inseperable. now you're in waterbury and forgot about the life you left behind, you bummer. oh well, see ya saturday.
ok ANONYMOUS i'll call you but i might have to know who you are 1st to do that.